Mosquitos, Wine And Summer

Under the wet tree
I sat and pondered
The mysteries of life
Flashed before my eyes
And I kept wondering'
The yonder blues were crazy
I was in a quandary
Why was the same feeling
Crawling all over me?
Why was it that I
Was the empty one
The great great chasm
Lay before me
And I was pretty scared
Why oh why me
Tell me a story
Make me a promise
Don't leave me here
I don't wanna go
Take a turn left
I will remain behind
Let's all get together
I'm ready for a show
The narrow narrow blades
Of grass and straw
Leave me behind again
I just don't wanna be
The other one here
Let it all be here
I'll remain satisfied
With here and now
Of time left alone
Dreams lie shattered
Thoughts remain unsorted
Take me a time
To sit all alone
Build a life now
Take a few chances
Sort all the scattered 

by tom thump

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Sometimes we have to take chances in life, a great poem.