Mossy Rock

Poem By Lindsay King

I had been with such pond scum before
That it’s no wonder
That a mossy rock looked so good
Surfacing to the shore
Can you blame me
For thinking it was something that it was not?
Bright and shiny
It fit right into my hand
Only I didn’t register
Its mossy underside
My beautiful gem
Had attached itself to
Some of the finest pond scum

I was so desperate to find something new
That it’s no wonder
I attached myself to this said mossy rock
When it tumbles, it rolls
Nestled intimately with the in depth lake
My mossy rock glowed
I said it was perfect
I said it was a precious jewel
And everyone believed me
Not asking where it came from
Not questioning the green slime
Emanating from it
My mossy rock fooled everyone
Or they just fooled me

I was so wrapped up in pond scum
That it consumed my mossy rock
-Revealing it for what it was
Pond scum growing from my beloved gem
I could no longer deny what it was
Frosted over like the rest of them
Mossy rock got the best of me
But I guess it’s just what I get
For searching for precious jewels
In a moldy lake

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