MRM (01 / 11 / 1984 / Kuala Lumpur)

Most Beautiful

The only words that describes you the best,
Making every man to hold their breath,
When we first met, I knew heaven didn't lost an Angel,
It was God's way of showing me one of His miracles.

There you were standing before me,
A flawless creation any man ever seen,
Blanked the mind of this mortal,
Who, were never stumbled in front of any girl.

You captivate me in every ways and that's no lie,
Your life style, your smile, and those eyes,
Just among few attraction to be mentioned,
16 lines is not enough to describe such a perfect creation.

People said that patient is a virtue,
I'll wait as long it takes to be with you,
Nothing will happen that can change this heart of mine,
For you have captured it and it's yours till the end of time.

by Mohd Rashidi Mohd Zin

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Comments (3)

this is amazing theres some very powerful imagery who is it bout?
Thanks, can't say I was fall in love but I surely like her. ;)
Wow! Nice poem. Whoever the person is must be very lucky. You are falling in love, aren't you? :)))) Just kidding.