Most Desired

You wanted a shelter against the tempest
I became a leafy tree
You wanted a haven safe from rain
I became a dry cave mouth
You wanted sustenance from the earth
I became wild rice and spelt
You wanted strong protection both day and night
I became a hall of stone pillars
You wanted to worship man made idols
I squeezed myself down to fit small temples
You wanted a structure like hands raised in prayer
I became an over-arching cathedral
You wanted sanctified rites for life and death
I became the true Religion
You wanted a landmark to honor your ancestors
I became a giant's play-circle of stones
You wanted dependable and natural food
I became fertile fields of grain
You wanted a memorial to primordial mankind
I became ochre'd paint on smoky cave walls
You wanted your freedom, you were too boxed in
I became leafy green bowers...

You were unhappy, you had too many choices
I took it all away again and left it back to chance
In order that you should make your own happiness-
You, who couldn't find contentment
When things came to you naturally, uncomplicated
I may be God, who can mold myself into any form I desire:
But you will always be the form most desired by me.

by Patti Masterman

Comments (2)

An amazing, and quite moving piece, very good!
I just reread this poem, and I think it is true genius! I will add you to my favorites.