Most Heavenly Father!

Birthdays are memories of times that were
good, Life should be lived to the fullest, as
life really should! Kindness of heart would
benefit all of mankind, With love to others,
the Devil's own would mind! When we give the
gift of love to our own neighbor, God looks
down on us with a loving, fervent favor!
Hatred of men by men, should be erased,
Instead, with love of God, and to others,
these should be replaced! With commitment to
our Most Heavenly Father, To each, one man,
from this, should not bother! To pay homage to
God in the highest, Should be what, all man
is always wanting to triest! For God has
forgiven man's sins, thru our Lord and
Savior, We should only try to be the much
wanting, of God's lovingly favor!

2006 Michael Jeffrey Gale

by Michael Gale

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