Most In One Message

It's been two months and four days,
Since I used to call you mine.
Eighteen days feeling like years,
Every moment, you're in mind.

I want to hear your voice,
Saying you love me.
Back then, it seems like there was no choice
For a while, I needed to be free.

I'm sorry it seemed I didn't listen.
But I promise you, I remember.
I loved every laugh and every smile.
I'm sorry I put pressure
When I told you you were perfect.
I can count your flaws
Like the times you makes me cry.
I don't love you any less.
I can never say goodbye.

Sometimes it was hard for me to hear you say 'I love you.'
Because I wanted to know to what extent.
But, I know, in this world, for me, it's you.

I see you in my dreams
Often, almsot always.
I don't know if they're what they seem,
But it's when I can talk to you these days.

Their meaning are unknown
When I see you at night.
But I wake, and it dissolves.
It saddens to a height.

Wherever I am,
I hope of seeing you.
I'd imagine what you'd say.
This happens every... single... day.

My heart still flies when it hears your name.
Another part breaks, and cowers in pain.
The memories, the best cause silent contemplation.
It seems nothing can wash the stain away.
Not anyone, nor anything, not even rain.

This isn't worth discussion.
No, nothing can be said.
Unless you take it back,
This returning pain is undead.

You like to hurt me,
I don't know why.
When I point it out,
You make me wanna hide.

Your mean words hurt like paper cuts.
Your sweet ones hurt as hell.
Our doorway has been boarded shut.
And I cannot reach the doorbell.

To love more than I do now, no, I can't. No one will love you as much as I. You said, 'you'll never know'. As a matter of fact, I do. It's true. For me, it's you.
I miss you. I love you. It's a letter I can't send. We're far away now. Thought you said you'd always be there. Does that still count for now... today?

by Grace Pasco

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