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Most Like
JL (18 of november 1990 / blacktown)

Most Like

Poem By Jase Lee

I am Most like a bird wanting to be free,
wanting to be left alone,
time to have no stress and to be,
no matter what, i am me

people here laugh and stare,
but i act like i am not there.
I pray to God for a miracle to come,
but all i do in the end is another sum.

I wish i could fly away from this awful place,
to some paradise of nothing but grace.
i feel so much pressure, i am going to burst,
I want to get relief to cure this thirst.

dear and treasured seem so far away,
they dont understand and there they shall stay.
so m uch is happening, something about to be wrong,
i just can stand here singing another song.

i am not playing games, i never do.
i wanna tell you how i feel.
i want you now to listen and be still.

listen now or im gonna leave,
you need to understand,
but since your wont listen, i am going to leave this land.

i am most like the sea,
and that is what i shall be,
if you can't feel and see,
you will never be with me.

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