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Most Mornings
CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Most Mornings

Poem By Carolyn Vuletic

Body damp from my restless sleep
Hair wild, tangled, free
I wake from a dream, where I had been satisfied
Dissapointment echo's when I realise it wasn't real
It comes to me when I, m asleep in my room
Fan on low, body laden in night old underwear
In my dreams it consumes me
Over and over
Until I can't anymore
Weak but wired
I lie there breathless
Hear pounding
Single bit of sweat drips onto my lip
I smile...

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Comments (2)

seduced by happiness even when in a dream is a treasured moment and we long again and again for the return of mystery and sometimes it does happen a great poem
beautiful image, animalistic even