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Most Politicians Are The Same
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Most Politicians Are The Same

Poem By Francis Duggan

Most politicians are the same they are good at deceiving
And they are so good at telling lies that their own lies they start believing
Of honest politicians there surely are not many
At being deceitful most of them to say the least are quite canny
An honest politician is one well worthy of being celebrated
He or she for their honesty ought to be congratulated
The one who votes for the one political party all of her or his voting life to change remains a stranger
But sadly their sort it does seem of extinction will never become in danger
Of politicians in truth it has been said that most of them to their own careers only devoted
And that they only do take care of their own for this they are quite noted
When they talk of their love for their Country you must know that they are lying
That most of them are quite untrustworthy of this there can be no denying
Even among politicians it can be said there is the honest exception
But if you believe what most of them does say you are open to deception.

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