Most Politicians Can Be

Most politicians can be so deceptive the truth to them can be so hard to tell
For sake of power they forsake what is decent and at lying one might say they do very well
They are referred to by some as 'the honourable' though most of them not honourable in any way
The honourable politicians in minority a sad enough thing for to have to say.

For sake of power to lie to them comes easy people of honour in politics are very few
What I am talking of is only factual one well may say so tell us something new
The lust for power undermines human values many place power before principle 'twould seem
And yet 'tis sad to think that politicians by many people held in high esteem.

Most of them in their speeches so ambiguous in honesty they do seem destitute
With them one lie always leads to another to them the struggle is to tell the truth
Perhaps they are society's reflective mirror though our shotcomings we do not wish to face
Their flaws do reflect on us in a poor way since we helped them to power in the first place.

Most of them are quite deceptive and power hungry to lie to them seems quite a natural thing
Yet what does it say about the general public if their praises many feel happy to sing
One should never take a politician seriously since trust they don't give they cannot expect to receive
Though some of them in their dealings are honest the majority do flatter to deceive.

by Francis Duggan

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