Most Politicians In Their Ways

In their verbal attacks on each other political advantage they seek to gain
The Government and the Opposition they are at it again
Despite the change of Government their attitude to each other remain as the same
With the Government and Opposition Parties it is blame and counter blame
Most politicians about their political opponents never have any kind things to say
To be negative towards each other for political advantage this is their way
By their words they are not nice people at all
Most politicians in their ways are so very small
To demean your opponent in business or in sport or on whatever is not a nice thing
But by their disrespect towards each other politicians this form of poor behavior to a lower level bring
On how you behave towards another you do have a choice
But politicians to their political opponents just cannot be nice
In their attitude to their opponents they do seem very small
Most politicians are not very nice people at all.

by Francis Duggan

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