Most Religious People

Most religious people believe their god is the only god though their god they never see
If this be so there are many gods it would seem to me
Each religious grouping claims god as their own
With religion the numbers of unseen gods has grown.

And though to every religious grouping respect one ought to pay
I do not have a god to believe in or to which I could pray
We all look at life in a different sort of a way
And to each their own as some are known to say.

I respect them for their beliefs the respect everyone's due
And for as long as to the higher self one remains true
And to help those in need of help go out of one's way
The god you believe in does seem quite okay.

But you can have it from me one who pens doggerel
A non believer to some and to many an infidel
That the god you believe in you do not represent
If your anger on others you are known to vent.

by Francis Duggan

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