Most Soldiers Are Mercenaries

Most soldiers nowadays are mercenaries though most with that would not agree
For pay they do their fighting in Lands beyond the sea
Lands distant from their home shore for shooting at strangers they get paid
In life we make our choices and this is the choice they've made.

Their Governments they pay them to put their lives on the line
And to shoot to kill at those they do not know it seems to suit them fine
In a World of so much religion human blood flows like a rill
Yet Moses fifth commandment clearly states thou shalt not kill.

It cannot be for love of Country if they go to war for pay
And though I'm not one of religion I stand by what I say
That most soldiers are mercenaries though you do not agree
Though if you do beg to differ well that's okay with me.

Most soldiers are mercenaries they are paid to fight in war
For to do their employers dirty work for them they go to places far
They go to other Countries and go on the attack
And they shoot to kill at strangers who naturally shoot back.

by Francis Duggan

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