Most To The Flaws They Possess

Most to the flaws they possess they are totally blind
But in the most of us flaws are not that hard to find
We are born to be flawed and as flawed we will die
This happens to be fact and fact never lie
We inherit our flaws from our fathers and mothers
And some of us more flawed or less flawed than others
The nearest to perfect of us imperfect in some sort of a way
Though some far more perfect than others is only true to say
You can only live as a good person and be the best you can be
There is more to living life than the i, myself and me
The people willing to help those of helping in need
Are less flawed than most are and quite good people indeed
Some more perfect than others but the near to perfect are few
You may say to this do tell us what is new.

by Francis Duggan

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nice piece of works thanx for sharing