Motel Room

On Motel room bed
Sitting and waiting for the future
Waiting on happiness words can’t describe
My heart beating twice faster than usual
My body temperature rises to bust my eyes out

It’s not a song but only a saying
Sobbing for what I longed for
Freezing the loneliness on the outside of the window
Outlining the beauty life has given my soul
Just a saying not a song

Her footsteps on the floor sounding closer
Her perfume is undeniably
Her gaze is an unforgettable portrait
Her hair blown by the calming wind of trees
The light on her face was bliss in my heart

The closer she gets my heart pounds me hard
Am I afraid? Or I am just in love with her?
Why am I shivering with Goosebumps all over?
My heart beats out of my chest when she’s near
Tell me what kind of love this is?

Or maybe I am going crazy about her
Or this is just a dream and I will wake up
Or maybe I am lost within her loving and calming space
Or none of this real I’m in illusion
But how come it feels so real and true?

One touch, one hug, one kiss
One way, one word, one love
All in one like a tree and fruits
Hands to hands we walked toward the room
Fear and loneliness was melted by her presence

The lips touch on her wetly and smooth lips
The look in her beatific eyes
The contact of both of our bodies
Chest to chest like a soul and a body
My heart was filled up with the love she had within her heart

Down on the sheets the peaceful fight started
Sweet sounds of reality of love
Serene Words full of passion and satisfaction
Lots of touches, lots of kissing, lots of moaning
Hold me down, touch me right and love me deep she is saying

Time is the opponent to me
It flew like a lonely raven escaping the hunger season
If I could freeze it I wish I did but
Love last, she is gone I am left behind
But she will forget me not after that moment

by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

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Fabulous! Fantastic! This is magic.This is the stuff of poetry.You're the master of your craft.Take.The world belongs to you!