Look at me my
dark scarlet heart disguised in pink
I am Look! At! Me!
Oh I'm the pure blue force of Want
howling through thin walls
like a prairie wind.
I am so large and empty
Why do the cheerios stick to the backs of my hands?
When I push the bear through the bars,
Why is it gone? I want that bear.
I want
Oh listen, the jingleshudder of ears getting up
the dog! Oh comecomecomecomecomecomecomecome
I want that dog.
Oh keep your pastel colours.
Boredom is a purple need. Hunger is vermillion.
I want my dark blue heaven milk mothermother
but the minute I fall into darkness she puts me down.
They do, they put you down. The big ones
only want one thing: to leave you alone.
You have to stay awake, see.
The big ones are my shepherd and I shall want
with the pure blue force
of a howling wind I want
the dog the bear the milk I want
every cheerio that fell on the floor I want
the brightest colours
all pressed hard against my gums
I want
the world
and it will not fit
in my mouth.

by Barbara Kingsolver

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She gave you birth and memories to cling too. Look upon the goodness and the love, for she will always be with you. For you were born from and with a part of her. Deepest sorrow for your lost. Patricia Gale
Well, may she rest in peace. And thanks for your comment on my poem earlier. Pleased to meet you. Warm regards, Gina.