Nothing At All

sensess racing towards a big wave
would fall to nothing but an early grave
the water feels warm as i take notice how deep
my faith decapitated and a mountain of misery to leap

the walls that surround me i m sinking in a sea
an ambience of pleasure an unrooted tree
fears are my friend courage became an enemy
how hard will I try to bring back the certainty

this organ called heart refuses to confess
programmed to leap of faith no longer does it posses
I walked a long road stopped on a dead end
Now another aim again I have to amend

It will lead you no where said my inner voice
I replied this, ' no choice'

by emingly bee

Comments (2)

She gave you birth and memories to cling too. Look upon the goodness and the love, for she will always be with you. For you were born from and with a part of her. Deepest sorrow for your lost. Patricia Gale
Well, may she rest in peace. And thanks for your comment on my poem earlier. Pleased to meet you. Warm regards, Gina.