Mother 1996

Mother i miss you
mother i cry
when i think of
the day you died

You was taken away
on that new years day
those words people didn't
have to say
i knew, i felt
it was your final day
no one had to say
i knew you flew away.

your in heaven now
were you belong
i was only ten then
nows its ten years on
can't believe how long
since i saw your smile
since i heard you sing a song.
My memory of you will
always live on.

Till the day we all meet
again.My love for you
with grow with strength.
i'll never forget who you
told me to be.....i'll
always remember
you made me happy.

happy mother's day
i love you.

by Danielle Candy

Comments (3)

hmmm sweet idea indeeed..well done
If you turn the word MOM upside down it spells WOW. Sounds like your mother was just that way. Shane
someone close to my girlfriend lost their mother, and this affected even her greatly, so sad to lose the ones we love wonderful eulogy Patrick xxxxxxxx