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CG (01/20/90 / cleveland)


Surrounded by fog, drowning in tears,
Why now after all these years,
Are you knocking on my door?
I have enough pain, why would I want more?
I run, but I dont go anywhere, am I a hamster on a wheel?
You stole my life, and you say I steal? ?

My heart is broken, I have a broken heart,
You came in and tore my world apart,
Im so scarred, and my wounds wont heal,
You made me numb inside, I cannot feel

Inside I'm black and blue,
I wish I could forgive you,
But I can't,
I used to think that you were the star in my life
You always shown so brite,
I used to wish that you could tuck me in at night,
Like a normal mom would,
Like a loving mom should,
Bit I guess you're not normal,
And I guess I'm not loved

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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