The Heart Dislocation Repair Shop

The sign said
'The Shop of Dislocated Hearts'
and I went in.

Broken ones;
Repaired Ones;
Brand New Ones;
Small Ones;
Baby Ones;
all there on red shelving.

Who repairs Hearts?
Whose Hearts have been dislocated
or lost?
'Here' the voice said
'is the Most Important Place
in the Whole World.'

An Old Man
stood before me
I start out like this
and by night time I am
young again.

It has been this way ever since
from the Beginning of the Universe.
You can reverse time here
and hearts are that
Feeling Glue
which creates
new love
reverses bad ones;
all this done here.

Time goes backward to our youth'
he said
picking up a gnarled one
and held it up to light.

'Sixty five years old'
he said
peering at it intently.
'Now watch this.'

He sprinkled his Gold Dust
and the heart's
dull and dank arteries
unclogged and
began to beat
and beat.

The Old Man said
'New Grandchild.'

This one'
he said
pointing to another
which had a faint hum
'New Girlfriend'
'New Love' he said about another
'Reconciliation here.'

He walked the shelves
'Understanding for this one
and this one on the end
will be mine
by this evening.'

he said
pointing to a group
'came from the Lost and Found;
Lost no more.'

I came back that night
and the shop was gone
probably into

by Lonnie Hicks

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I am curious of your age also.......but, no matter, I hope my kids love me til they are very old. Very heartfelt poet. Sincerely, Mary
Resoecting your mother is a wonderful thing... if you love your mom than nothing can go wrong