My Mother is one of the most wonderful mothers I know.
That is why I love and respect her so.
Perhaps some day I will be loved and respected
as much as she,
But, that is probably an impossibility. Nevertheless, i am certainly going to try,
And I am going to start right now.
Do you want to know what I am going to do?
Then listen carefully, and I will tell you. First I am going to be more friendly with
the people here.
Then I will try to become friendly with the
people who live near,
When thy see how kind and wonderful I can be,
Perhaps they will be happy to become friendly
with me. There are no people who dislike me that I
I hope it stays that way wherever I go.
However, I may find some unkind people in
a small place.
Because, there always will be such people
in the Human Race.

by Lillian M. Lewis

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