DSH (In The Fifties! / Baden, PA)


She was everything to me,
Grace Evelyn Myers Harkins,
The gem of the universe can’t you see,
But she paid the dear price for her sins.

You see, my dad wasn’t good enough for her in the end,
And she cleaved unto other men,
One a wretched piece of work known as Eugene Durden,
A more dastardly person no one could comprehend,

He was a meat cutter by trade,
And she met him at the VFW where she went to play,
But he murdered her one evil day,
And put me into a tirade.

Yes tragedy befell me that day,
And all who my mother’s life had touched in a good way,
And now all there is of her,
Are my fond memories of her in my younger day.

How when I got into jams,
She rescued me and thwarted the plans,
Of my enemies and adversaries,
And even intervened when Dad was mad at me.

Now she I hope is above the bright blue,
In heaven fair and not in sheol bleak and bare,
How I long for the day when we will be reunited,
And I will be with Mom and not remain contrited.

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Dear David, I appreciate your poem. May you find solace in knowing that love never dies. Regards, Sandra