<≪≪ Mother

Poem By Abdul Wahab

With the kicks of hormones
and at the hit of my youth's misjudgment
i played down all whatever came
as advices in my way to keep me up
safe and protected
from the claws of demons
until dangers and all sorts of vices
griped me from all around
down, down, down
at the bottom
before I cool my mind
and became a wise
and that too came not before I became
the mother of a child
now I fully understand
why you did shout and scold
reprimand me and scorn
at my attempt of doing something which is out of norms
full of risk
now I do the same
upon my child when it goes out without telling me
come home late with caste -down eyes
and take money from wallet
without my permission
I am very frightened
to see her with elements roaming around
the corners of cafe's and restaurant's which have enough potentiality
to break her down
into pieces
let better sense come and enter into her mind
before she is addicted with drugs
becomes a mother of a child
and later repents like me
and recalls the steps mother took for her
with faded eyes
and long sighs.

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