(8\10\1951 / S A Q, Karnatak India)


Am I born firstly in my mother's stomach?
Yes, that is my first heaven in which I grow.
My mother feeds me and let me drink her milk.
Really she is just like a divinely adored cow.

Since nine months Iam protected in her stomach.
Am I born secondly in the stomach of my earth mother?
Yes, this is my second heaven in which I live.
Hither I wisely learn and play with my father.

She sheds the tears of joy to nurse her children.
Howsoever she preserves her family in well set.
Some times she weeps shouts, beats and admires.
She is tortured and troubled but she loves of her pet.

She deems of her issues more precious than diamonds.
Whether her issues may be good or bad She doesn't mind.
One pulls her hair, one her eyes and one her ears.
But she embraces them in her arms not to be unkind.

God and mother seem the two faces of the same coin.
About the respect of parents I wrote poetries.
Iam the true worshipper of my God and my Mother.
And My parents dwell with me without worries.

by Mazid S Kazi , INDIA

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Beautiful poem...........