AS (20 August 2001 / New Delhi)


It has happened now,
after facing so many hardships in life,
that my life has attained stability.

Today, I have all worldly pleasures,
that I didn't even think I ever had deserved;
For they could just be a part of my dreams.

Still, after possessing eternal strength, ubiquitous riches,
why do I find myself poorer that the poor,
weaker than the weakest,
and lonely than the loneliest.

And when I hunted for the reason in the past,
it suddenly struck me,
'I don't have you with me'.

You; who was always there,
as a backbone of my dreams,
as the strength of my hand,
and you were there to help me face my fears.

Without you,
there would have had been no me;
you made me what I am.

But see, how have the times played with me.
When you were with me,
I cried for the power and riches;
and now that I have all, I wail for you.

I wish you would have been here, with me today;
to see the one you have given a new life,
to see your seedlings grow
into a mature tree.

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Comments (4)

Such a heartwarming poem..I got misty eyes while reading..10
Thank you all for your comments
I also like this poem as i can relate how dearly I am missing you Mom.
Great poem and a beautiful tribute to a mother. A man who had nothing, had his mother beside him. But now when he has everything to make life comfortable, his mother is no more. What a pity? Thanks for sharing this poignant poem.