Gentleness A Lost Virtue?

Gentleness of LOVE
Gentleness of look
Gentleness of touch
Gentleness of word
Gentleness of attitude
Please, please be gentle with me!

Please love me gently
Please regard me gently
Please massage me gently
Please message me gently
Please consider me gently
Please, please be gentle with me!

Agression inLOVE
Agression in look
Agression in touch
Agression in word
Agression in attitude
Please, please don't be agressive with me!

Yesterday attitudes were gentle
Today attitudes are agressive
Yesterday it was LOVE
Today it is LUST
Yesterday was peaceful
Today is turmoil!

Gentleness - where did it go?
Peacefulness - why did it disappear?
Lovliness - how did it die?
Joyfulness - when did it evaporate?
Reason - who who ostracised it?
Freedom -who ended it?

Pride and Prejudice have come
Humility and Helpfulness have gone.
Greed and Grabitall have come
Grace and Generosity have gone
Every man for HIMSELF
Every woman for HERSELF (God forbid!)

Can we ever - turn back the clock?
Can we ever - restore the equilibrium?
Can we ever - return to pastures green?
Can we really - tear down the concrete?
Can we really replace it - with the abstract?
Can we ever return to the 'Age of Gentleness'?

by John Knight

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a great tribute writings on MOTHER// beautiful poem
As I read this, I'm flooded with memories and lessons of my own mother taught me, and how her compassion, grace, and humor helped me on so many of my good and bad days. I think you have written one of the definitive poems on mothers, its not mothers day, but then everyday is mothers day. Thank you Richard!
Dillip, I am humbled and greatly flattered by such positive responses from such an esteemed poet.
Typos: the word 'your' has been used two times inadvertently! Please ignore! Once again I congratulate you for a worthy tribute that you have offered to each mother on this earth!
I just came back to read this lovely poem after your reading your precise comment on my Haiku on the theme! Really a mother is great, the greatest source of love and affection...nowhere can we find such distilled love! A great poem! You have created a masterpiece that would be read by many for number of times!
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