TK (April 30,1967 / Fairfax, VA)


Eight years ago,
Everything was so simple then;
Especially since I knew when,
To hold on or let go;
Now, I keep my feelings close in tow,
Deep with feelings on whoa.

Keep your bloated remains,
As I scrape the last of my confidence off the wall;
I live like this day to day,
While the peace, for which you so long searched,
Still evades,
And terrifies.

Keep me mind while you visit your friends again,
A lost little boy still searching for his identity;
It was you, who garnered all the attention,
Even from my subconcious;
I never knew who I was,
Although, I sure thought so at the time.

The pain comes,
And the pain goes,
I never thought I would miss you,
I hated you so;
What happened?
How did I become so low?

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