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Soha Bayat Kheradmand (1989 / Tehran-Iran)


Who's the greatest human kind and the best
Mother is the baby's nest
the one who feeds the baby with her breast
the one who cooks with a great zest
she is the only one and your guest
making her sad, you're such a pest
Making her laugh with your jest
Oh god! shes the best and the best and the best

If you disobey and fail her test
she'll get mad or some thing else!
that is for teaching you to take the rest

mothers are every where
from here east to west
they are all angles and always blessed
Mommy I love you, Your the best
the greatest one, truly the best

Always gonna keep your words in my safe chest
I will say it again:
Your the best and the best and the best! ! !

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Comments (3)

good job dear friend. you are absolutely right all we can say is that thet the best. beautiful poem.10 from me
Well done to that. Kind of makes me want to write somthing on 'Mother', thanks to you. But I guess, my perspective is a little different so it's going to have to wait. By the way I think it's 'angels' that you mean not 'angles'. God Bless, Mohammad
Mother is dearly love...as there is only one Mother in your life no one ever... great write.... Best Wishes, Ency Bearis