Mother And Child

She makes her smile and she woos her with her charms
Her little babe she carries in her arms
This mum in her mid twenties in her prime
Too young as of yet for to worry about father time.

Across the street from the milk bar as she run
With one free hand she shields her child's face to block out the sun
From the tiny infant's soft pink face and her eyes
Of the dangers of sunburn to her young she realize.

A beautiful looking woman with shoulder length brown hair
She performs her duty with loving motherly care
In her arms the future of humanity
As human survival is dependent on such as she.

With her babe in arms she came from the milk bar
And then she ran across the wide street to her car
I watched the babe smile up at her as she did run
As with her free hand she shielded her from the sun.

by Francis Duggan

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