Mother And Child, The Strongest Bond

Poem By Shannon Lasater

So broken, broken spirit, broken heart, shattered heart, broken trust, must be strong, for herself, and the life of her child, to protect herself and her child, to survive, nowhere to go, no home, nowhere to hide, so exposed, how? You ask? How does she keep on going? In hope for someone to love her without breaking her down so badly, and for her child's sake, how? She asks, how can i trust someone, when so many people burned me? And put me down so many times? Nothing's there anymore, no feeling, just hope, but hope's fading fast, she can only dream, but the dreams are fading fast too, teaching her child to trust no one, but she doesn't know how long she'll last, the only reason why she's hung on so tightly is for her child, her child, the strongest bond is the love between a mother and child........

Comments about Mother And Child, The Strongest Bond

i cannot wait to have my baby so we can share the special bond you so beautifully have portrayed

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