(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Mother And Son

Mother lookout-Again that bird has come
To repeat the same tones, sweetest some
In the dry, on the naked leafless tree
I do not know, why it is obscure to me

She lost her brother in last winter storm
That she cries out when snow cloud took form
What is it-She says, when I asked my mother?
Said 'Come back to me my little brother'

A little black story beholds this white snow
Some for new joy, some for loss, few know
Mother-For little bird I should pray
That dry winds come, to blow her pain away

How good it is-My little cub, love to all
Who pity the weak and small, they never fall
Come home inside, it will snowfall tonight
Be prepare, here I am ready for snow fight

Mother- I will make big snowball then I throw
And we will go far, trace footsteps in the snow
My little man-And who will built a snowman?
You will try alone-But together we can

I would love to ski with, fire in the pot
Ski with pot son-That make it wrong, I think not
But scarf and glove, you can wear, that I weave
And promise me, you will never lie and deceive

World there is so cruel and mean-My dear son
Beware of new faces when you begun
Mother-I am brave, I must stop then?
O-My little cub, like you are very few men

Mother-where is moon, I will marry moon
Let her not pass away till next day at noon
They don't marry son because they very far
But surely can, if you are brightest star

From some old marvelous tale I have read
Dark souls never become a star-they said
And within every heart two angels behold
It is only good one can make against the cold

Mother-can angels fly?
From hearts, into the sky
Watch us -from heaven above high
Thereby are they alive, do they die?

My little boy your intentions and questions
God in heaven will be laughing on your actions
When you grow up vision so broad
Give thanks and ask same to the lord

Now it is time for bed-tale
'Once there was a ship, we began to sail'
Mother-what happened to the little bird
She cries out voices, her brother never heard?

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Comments (6)

Great poem with super narrative and a superb imaginative plot. Thanks.
A lovely tale of Mother and son.rated.I enjoyed your poem.
Beautiful and extremely emotive
Really intelligent and poignant conversation between a mother and son! Very intuitively written, I loved this poem's inner beauty. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
A dialogue with the status of your life in your land. Nice work.
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