Mother, Can You Hear Me! !

I woke up one morning at 3 o’clock at night
And I saw this light surrounding me
I went over to wake up my sister
To make sure that she too could see
I tried waking her up
But there was no reply
I went to my mother’s room
That was close by
Before I could wake her up
She was already awake at sight
Then I heard her say to my dad
“Let’s go and check if the children are alright”
As she walked past our room
I looked at her and said “mother, mother can u hear me? ”
But then I look aside on the person on my bed
I asked myself who that person could be
And then I looked closer…
That person on my bed sleeping silently was me!
I tried calling to my mother while she tried waking me up
I could see her tears running down like hard rain
I could see her thoughts overwhelmed with pain
And there I found out with a startling shock
I had died exactly at 3 O’clock.

by Marria Attar

Comments (3)

MY God! I LOOOVE how you ended it. So sad. Don't die..keep writing!
Oh, you mean you dead? ? ? That you're mother can't hear you? ? ? I can't imagine how i died before my mom... but, this is sooww beautifuulll
very intense and striking i would say.. well represented. i would give 10!