A Breakfast Affair

I’m a jar of Greengage Jam
and I’m upset because of a remark made by a man.
He’s tall, good looking and funny
and one day he said ‘I love the taste of sweet honey’.
Well that, for me, is not what I expected to hear.
Not when only this morning he called me ‘dear’.
We would always meet for breakfast at around 8
and before he picks me up and spreads me on his plate
he’d carefully pop my top off and look inside and say ‘wow you do look yummy’
and take a mouthful with a spoon that quickly disappears in his tummy.
With a smile he’d then put me on his shoulder so he could hear
these loving words - ‘thank you my dear’.
But this time, before he could put me down to finish his tea,
I shouted loudly, ’Marry Me, Marry Me’
To which he promptly and calmly replied, ‘let’s talk about it later’.
And quickly put me back in the refrigerator.
Now I’m just another pot of jam left in the dark and cold,
somewhere deep at the back alongside an out-of-date cheese with lots of mould.

by JJ Evendon

Comments (5)

True, Your Mother may be stubborn Not want a dog for a house pet Besides all the canine special care Add to the list trips to the vet I thought at first, why not a cat But like the dog, the cat will shed And even though, trained to potty She'll find pus sleeping on her bed So alas, the pet dilemma But please be kind for dear Mom's sake Try a parrot or a gerbel I had no luck with my pet snake. Great, funny poem. Yours. Keep writing. A 10
(Mother Doesn'T Want A Dog by Judith Viorst.) **Love the twist: a snake! ! !
Nice poem about the moody dog. Thank you Judith Viorst for this poem.
Excellent writing with a lot of humor and practical truth, however, dogs are faithful and a man's best friend. I love the closing line, it is fanstastic.
My but a day goes better when begun with a poem by Judith Viorst