Mother Earth

The greatest friend mankind could wish to know
The food we eat out of her bosom grow
Her lakes, wells, streams and rivers our drinking supply
Without her waters we would quickly die.

She is our friend yet we treat her as a foe
And scant respect to her we seem to show
We bulldoze her woodlands after cutting her tall trees down
To make way for another concrete town.

Her children are all creatures great and small
And she is the greatest mother of them all
Yet due to mankind she seems the worst for wear
And for the one that feeds us we don't seem to care.

She's been around for millions of years before the birth of man
And from her bosom all forms of life began
And she has the power for to regenerate
And the poets and painters her great beauty celebrate

We are her children and to her we belong
And in her honour I have penned this song
And in the Seasons there is death and birth
Of the green Goddess we know as Mother Earth.

by Francis Duggan

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