Mother Earth The One Who Does

Mother Earth the one who does support us respect to her from us overdue
If we cannot respect the one who does feed us to our own selves we cannot be true
The one who supports all life forms supports us for as long as we live
We take and we keep taking from her and in return to her little give
For human greed she is exploited by greedy developers whose workers cut old growth trees down
To make way for a shopping center or big factory in the expanding industrial town
More species of wildlife endangered every day for every new millionaire
Because of tree clearing and land development more animals and birds becoming rare
Planet Earth is for us for to live in and with other life forms for to share
But sad to say far too few people who are environmentally aware
The wealthy and famous are in the news often and many admirers for themselves have won
Though many of them are quite greedy And great damage to Mother Earth have done
She is the one who does support us by supplying us with our every need
But many of her life forms in danger of extinction as a result in part of human greed.

by Francis Duggan

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