Mother Earth Who Does Feed Us

Mother Earth who does feed us it seems sad to say
Us humans abuse in a very bad way
To build more polluting factories in the industrial town
We dispossess the wild creatures when we cut their trees down

Pollution of air, oceans, waterways and land
For human material gain seems hard to understand
With Nature's other life forms we feel no wish to share
Their numbers do dwindle and many people grow poorer for every new millionaire

For our abuse of our Earth Mother i am as guilty as you
But what we do to her to our own selves we do
For life on her we do entirely depend
Yet we do not treat her as our greatest friend

With pride great human achievements historians recall
But on our treatment of our Earth Mother we have nothing to feel proud of at all
On our very survival on her we depend
But we do not treat her as our greatest friend.

by Francis Duggan

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