Mother Earth Will Survive

Those who say mankind will destroy Planet Earth believe in their own lie
The Earth will live though human kind their own selves may destroy
In a thousand centuries from now the birds will sing on the trees
Though humans may have been wiped out by some incurable disease.

What we do to our Mother Earth to our own selves we do
And that the World will always be around only happens to be true
We are a part of Nature and off of Mother Earth we live
And from her we only take and take and to her nothing give.

For the Mother Earth we live off of few of us seem to care
We pollute her rivers, lands and seas and with smoke make foul the air
That we need Mother Earth more than she needs us seems obvious to me
Life would survive and flowers would bloom without us though with that some may not agree.

Those who say that Humankind will destroy Mother Earth are forgetting one thing
That the Earth will survive we'll only destroy ourselves and without us birds will sing
Mother Nature has been around forever and she will never die
She was there for thousands of centuries before birds knew how to fly.

by Francis Duggan

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