Mother (Her Point Of View)

Take off your shoes, I just cleaned this floor;
Coats and backpacks go on hooks.
What do you mean what does it taste like, it tastes like food.
Just eat it;
Broccoli or no dessert.

Get in the car boys or we'll be late for school,
Karate, your dentist appointment, the band concert.
I'm getting you at 4pm, at 5pm, we're leaving at 5: 50pm.
Your track meet is where? how many of your team mates am I taking?
No kicking the seats!

Your hands are going to get frostbitten, I'm sending you
Waterproof gloves, a cutting board, your socks, mail.
We all miss you;
Share the pumpkin bread with your friends.

Let me clean it. Don't scratch. Stop whining.
Check the dryer, the laundry hamper, my bed.
Save some spaghetti and sauce for your brothers.
When will you be home? Your father needs the car at 4pm.
I left the porch light on for you.

by gina prettybrowneyes

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