Mother I'M Home

Mother, I'm home.
The battle is won, and I am home.
Past the fog of fear, death, and loss, I saw your face,
glimmering like the new-born sun.
I wandered towards the comfort like an infant.
Every bullet i dodged, every man i killed, became a step closer to home.

Mother, I'm home.
The trauma has got to me.
The men I killed,
life pulled from their eyes
like the last drops of sunlight,
slowly fading, with only darkness to come.
The power and decisions of gods,
given to my unholy hands-
they are stained forever.

Mother, I was shot.
I was in the hospital, where the doctors said i would not live.
But a miracle has happened.
I have cheated death.
So please look at me.
please don't cry, I am home.
I am here, the one to comfort you now.
The war is over, and I am alive.

Mother, please turn to me!
turn and face me!
look at me!
I am home! your son!
Why can't you look at me?
Why can't you hear my words?

by Java Chip

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