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You broke my unguarded spirit
You made me red-faced and angry
Like swallowing a bitter pill
A mud-puddle day in Spring

You lived up to it well and thoughtful
Blocking the doorway with your expensive perfume
Like a bellow of smoke, I was silent
Creating havoc and confusion was your way

The voice of the oppressor, the enemy within
Clawing the blackboard, you rejoiced
I felt helpless and foolish like an old tired warrior
Never were you content with peace-

All peanut butter and no jelly
The rich tapestry that bounds together
Is but loose frayed broken ends
No more broken silence

For the green monster with tied up black hair
That runs on solar energy, brings warfare
I wished you would go away,
Now it is only hushed board games

For the remaining part of that dusty weathered day
Was transformed one early morning
No more broken or fixed games of invitations
To my new mighty warrior spirit within

Laurie Dahl

by Laurie Dahl

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Wow! You make me think I should call my mother-in-law and say thank you. They an be tough to deal with can't they? I really like the line about her blocking the doorway with her cloud of perfume......very nice. Sincerely, Mary