Mother Knows Your Needs!

My pigeon's nest had two squab
I could observe both to remain silent
Only until the mother arrived, as both rose to grab
As both jumped and became jubilant

One was more aggressive than the other
Other one too was happy but not forced the mother for a feed
Appetite you may adjudge, with the force of chasing the mother
Demanding feed from mother is an unwritten deed

One chased the mother to get more share
It looked as if there is a fight
Mother knows how much to spare
Once one's quota is fed, mother turns down outright

When she is forced, mother closes her mouth
Also shows an innocent face, as if food storage is emptied
While mother looks for the other, to offer by stealth
Former is not contended, though mother belied

The mother maintains more patience and maturity
Never gets perturbed on such chase game
Fairly and firmly she shows, in care and concern, parity
Former may, in a hurry, choose the mother to blame

Only mother knows what one needs!
Only to care you, god has become mother
Only with such sacred responsibility, mother breeds
Only motherhood is holy, to be revered ever higher!

Above poem is adapted from the eBook "ENOUGH TO FLY AND PLAY AND A COLLECTION OF POEMS" by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved.

by V.Muthu Manickam

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