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Mother Love
KC (September 26,1988 / Orillia, Ontario, Canada)

Mother Love

Mom, You are my life giver, the source of my creation
You love me and care for me without any hesitation
You comfort and guide me across troubled seas
You put my problems to rest and my sorrow to ease
You are the ocean and I am a bay
You make my life what it is, great everyday
I am a seed and you are my earth
You made me a tree on my day of birth
From then I have grown much taller and strong
And will be leaving this garden before too long
All though it is sad it has to be done
I’ll bring with me the good times that were so much fun
The river will between us will be longer but I’ll still be a part of your ocean
In sickness your words will be hope and your love my potion
You brought me all I have and strived to maintain it all
You have always been there with open arms to catch me when I fall
At times we may fight or disagree
Other times will be full of laughter and glee
Let those be the ones that we use as our boat to cross the sea
Let the bad times sink and decay far away from you and me
For I need to have a strong sail to make it to shore
One made my mother who I will love forever more.

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