Mother (My Point Of View)

Sewing machine:
Jean patches,
Superman capes,
Dress hems 10pm,
Night before the concert.

Kitchen sink:
Baking-powder biscuits,
Crock pot beef stew,
Chicken with carrots and potatoes.
Not college food.

Shuttle the boys from school,
Aftercare, soccer, track,
Basketball, haircut, orthodontist's.
Buy printer ink, daddy bread,
Poster board for Elias's project due Tuesday.

College mail box:
Socks I forgot over Christmas,
Picture of the boys and I
With our gingerbread house.
Dad's pumpkin bread,
Waterproof gloves,
Cutting board.

Band-aid, bathroom cleanser,
Dry clothes, spaghetti sauce.
Emergency contact.
Porch light on late nights.

by gina prettybrowneyes

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