Mother Nature

Those old brown hills will overlook the township and the birds will sing on bush and tree
And the roses will bloom in the Summer and the river will flow to the sea
And Mother Nature who has been around forever and who was there long before the birth of humanity
Her age in years cannot be numbered there is none as ancient as she.

For as long as there's rain and there's sunshine for as long as there's frost and there's snow
For as long as the rill from the mountain on down to the big river flow
Long after we have ceased to exist when we are long forgotten and gone
Mother Nature will still rule the Planet and she will be still living on.

For as long to the valleys and mountains the four Seasons will come and go
For as long as there's thunder and lightning and for as long as the breeze and wind blow
And for as long as the ancient stars and moon can be seen shining in the night sky
Mother Nature she will still be living for she is not destined to die.

How old is she old Mother Nature her age not for humans to know
She is older than that ancient valley where rank scrub and wild grasses grow
And she will be around forever her years are not numbered in time
And the artists will sketch her great beauty and the bards glorify her in rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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