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Mother Nature
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Mother Nature



I went up the mountain
I tried under the sea
I visited the woods
I asked the river
I enquired with the wind
I could not find
The mountain said
Its in vain
The sea roared
The woods whispered
And refused solitarily
The river kept calm
The wind groaned
Finally looked at sky
Asked why
Where is the NATURE
It mocked
It gloomed and doomed
Thundering it said,
You! Man you!
You are wicked
You have bared the mountains
And dug the hills
You have hacked trees
And sullied the air
You have choked the nature
Go and ask the desert
It will know

Storming, the desert alleged
The mother bled
The mother cried
But you went deaf
You disowned
And I, I swallowed it
Declared the desert
I heard the silence
I saw the gloom
I felt the roar
I experienced the whisper
The groan was spelled
The solitude questioned
And quietly the storm asked
Do you really want the nature?
Sheepishly nodded I
Then go! It growled
Worship the mountain
Surrender to the sea
Hug the tree
Let the wind be free
Listen to the calm of the river
Help heal the NATURE
And understand then you
It is giving birth to the MOTHER
It is giving birth to the MOTHER

Alok Katdare
Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
August 12,2009

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I very much enjoyed reading your poem, i particularly like the last stanza, beautifully expressed and very meaningful.