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Mother Nature
NC (28/01/91 / Manchester)

Mother Nature

Poem By Natalie Clyne

Once you step out of your door and onto mother natures path anything can happen,
Its best to be prepared than brace the force of nature alone.
Never forget no two rivers are ever the same no matter how many times you cross them they are always different,
Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know everything because nature will surprise you.

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the heart of nature then look around and learn.
Animals in their habitats don’t like strangers so don’t intrude,
Unfamiliar objects can be death traps to animals so leave only footprints nothing else.
Loud noises can surprise animals and cause them to defend themselves so try to be quiet.
Do not disturb the balance between the animals and plants of the earth,
The balance between them is delicate and one person may tip the scale between survival and defeat.

Nature is not meant for us to take, its not for our enjoyment.
It belongs to animals and plants so please when you walk to the gates of mother nature respect her and she will give way for you to pass through safely.

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so true deep wisdom to observe nature with such clarity is a gift a fine poem