Mother Nature

I hear the pitter patter of the raindrops as they fall. I see the water gathering, striking out against the wall.
I see the lighting dancing, from the corner of my eye. I hear the thunder roaring as it rolls across the sky.
I stand, frozen in my tracks, as I watch the great wall go. Releasing all of its water into the canyon far below.
The angry water rushes through the canyon with a wrath. Taking with it everything that stands within its path.
Once the water passed, the earth again was still. I raised my eyes toward Heaven, knew it was God's will.
As I surveyed the damage, it was a pity and a shame. We can't blame Mother Nature, 'cause we're the ones to blame.
We cut the trees and flowers and detroy what we were given. We change the course of rivers, by a destructive force we're driven.
Till at last one day, and it shall come, the time to pay the debt. Mother Nature shall come to call, on that we all can bet.

by Carlos P. Martinez

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