Mother Nature And Her Creatures Will Live On

We feel we are superior beings we have the right to rule
But to animals and birds do we have the right to be cruel
To since they are creatures who too breathe the free air
Of this Planet we call ours with us some space they share.

There is no cruelty in a bird or beast of prey
To kill to eat that is their Natural way
But we often kill creatures not out of a hunger need
But for financial gain just to satisfy our greed.

Men kill elephants and rhinos just for their tusks and horn
And for money the laws of Nature and man made laws they scorn
The African black rhino is on the endangered list
But in tracking them down and killing them for their horn the outlawed poachers persist.

Some species of whale close to the extinction brink
Some humans always shoot before they even think
Extinction is for an eternity so they say
And we have not yet learned from our mistakes of a bygone day.

We feel that Nature and her creatures we have a right to control
But 'tis Mother Nature and not us that has the eternal soul
And Mother Nature and her creatures will live on
When we will be forgotten and long gone.

by Francis Duggan

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