Mother Nature/ My Sweet Butterfly

Such a smile
and oh what a pretty face,
I wouldnt care to travel another mile,
cuz she was in this ugly place,
but the sun was shining,
it was lightin up my face,
I went out to meet her there
there were so many people around,
It was hard to see her
and yes I felth my deepest fear.

that's when I saw my sweet little queen,
she didnt see me, so I stopped to look,
I dont like to brag but she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen!

the weight fell of my shoulders
so I walked towards my girl,
I missed he r so, my only wish was just to hold her,
there she was in my arms,
I gave her a sweet little kiss, oh those eyes..... that smile... and her laughter,
each and every minute I realise that she's the one I miss.

Our 'goodbye' caused me alot of pain,
A passionate kiss, told her she's the one.
those were beautifull things...
She's like mother nature, 'cause when I left it started to rain..

by Scentless Apprentice

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