(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mother Nature’s Ice Show

If you go outside my friend
You’ll take your life in your hands
For if you slip and fall on ice
It will hurt so much when you land

It’s like an enormous piece of glass
And cold, so cold and hard
It covers every thing you see
In the back and yes, the front yard

It clings to every branch it sees
Thick and hard and cold
So if you venture out it is
A decision that’s extremely bold

It’s pretty though, you say to me
Oh yes, that is a certain fact
But dangerous it surely is
You could fall and hurt your back

Ice cycles are so lovely though
Especially at Christmas time
But look at them carefully or
On the ground yourself you’ll find

Poor Oklahoma has been frozen hard
It’s a fact that I’m sure you know
There is nothing they can do except
Watch Mother Nature’s ice Show!

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Comments (2)

We have very frosty mornings here now, and some of the wet patches on the pavements are frozen. You have captured the feeling very well in this poem. It is so easy to tumble, just by putting a foot wrong and Ooopps a daisy - down you go. Enjoyed the read very much. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
A slippery and cold subject with a warm touch! Love from David