(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mother Nature’s Seasons

I think we all love Mother Nature’s Seasons
As they appear and then fade away
She makes us check our wardrobe
With extreme temperatures we can’t delay

We start the year out with her winter
Sometimes it’s mild and we don’t worry
Other times it’s so very cold
We bundle up and tend to hurry

Spring usually comes quite subtly
Why, we don’t always know it’s here
‘Till buds pop out on trees and then
Some will flower here and there

Summer can be a bit sultry in places
Or so dry and hot we seek shade
We enjoy all the flowers in bloom
Colors and scents we would never trade

Some feel fall’s the biggest change of all
Crimson, yellow, oranges and browns
With a change in weather as well
Exceptional smells, sights and the sounds

And then of course winter comes again
With holidays bright and clear
How I love Mother Nature’s seasons
Four exciting events every year!

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Comments (3)

We only have two seasons here in our country. But we give our best to enjoy every season, a gift from Mother Nature. thank you for sharing, Marilyn.A lovely write...
Marilyn, what a beautiful tour through the seasons that so magically appear on time each year. Top Marks and thank you for sharing this beauty with us. Hugs David
I agree with Fall being the most amazing change; since bare trees and lack of green doesn't seem very memorable to me. I live from Fall to Fall; the other seasons, except for the dog days of summer and the furious days of winter, I am just existing. I need temperamental weather which shouts for attention, I think. Wonderful descriptions are in your poem, thank you.